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The role of KeRRA is the development, rehabilitation, maintenance and management of rural roads in the country. This is properly stated in the Kenya Roads Act 2007 and will comprise the following functions and duties.

Constructing, upgrading, rehabilitating and maintaining rural roads.Controlling reserves for rural roads and access to roadside developments.Implementing road policies in relation to rural roads.Ensuring adherence by motorists to the rules and guidelines on axle load control prescribed under the Traffic Act or any other existing regulations.Ensuring that the quality of road works is in accordance with such standards as may be defined by the Minister.In collaboration with the Ministry responsible for Transport and the Police Department, overseeing the management of traffic on rural roads and issues related to road safety.

Collecting and collating all such data related to the use of rural roads as may be necessary for efficient forward planning.Monitoring and evaluating the use of rural roadsPlanning the development and maintenance of rural roadsLiaising and co-ordinating with other Authorities in planning and operations in respect of roadsPreparing road work programmes for all rural roadsAdvising the Minister on all issues relating to rural roads; and Performing such other functions related to rural roads as may be directed by the Minister.
The Authority is responsible for the following categories of roads; D,E,F,G,K,L,P,R,s,T,u,W