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The Government of Kenya (GoK); with support from the European Union (EU) is currently undertaking via the Kenya Rural Roads Authority an upgrade of about 100km of  rural roads in the Eastern Region of Kenya. The projects are being carried out under five lots packaged as five works contracts.

The project is jointly funded by GoK (31%) and the European Union (69%) through the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Rural Roads Component in Kenya.

The particulars of the projects are as follows:

Progress Statement on EU/GoK R2000 Project

 Lot 1  Embu  Kyeni-Kathanjure-Karurumo road  231 million
 Lot 2  Tharaka Nithi  Chuka-Kaanwa-Kareni road  537 million
 Lot 3  Meru  Ndurumo-Kathirune-Giaki & Giaki-Birikene-Miamponi roads  499 million
 Lot 4  Machakos  Kivandini-Kango & Kango-Kikalia-Kali roads  301 million
 Lot 5  Makueni Katuaa-Kee-Nunguni road  362 million

Progress Statement on EU/GoK R2000 Projects