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Thursday, 16 July 2020

DG Ppot final 3

In keeping with our mandate namely to develop, construct and maintain the rural road network in the country as per the Kenya Roads Act, 2007; which was revised via the Kenya Gazette Legislative Supplement No. 4 (Special Edition) of 22nd January 2016. The Management of the Authority is fully dedicated to ensure the implementation and realisation of the Authority's mandate.

Guided by our Core Values, the Authority ascribes to high standards of professionalism across all cadres as manifest in the sustained high achievement of evaluated targets that are often surpassed.

Enshrined in the Strategic Plan are our codified ambitions as an institution, which have been developed in keeping with essential Policy and Legislative targets for the Roads Subsector as envisaged by the National Government via sessional economic guidelines. The strategic plan has also incorporated the views and aspirations of critical stakeholders among them the citizens of the Republic of Kenya, other arms of Government, Development Partners, road contractors and service providers.

Towards the achievement of its mandate, the Authority conducts its operations in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations. In this regard, the operations of the Authority are guided by ethical practices that embrace strong Corporate Governance principles for effective and efficient service delivery. Additionally, the Authority having earlier obtained attained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certification; continues to reap its benefits through improved efficiency and a structured approach to work with clear lines of reporting and responsibility. The Management endeavours to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of its quality management systems to meet stakeholders’ expectations in accordance with the Standard’s requirements.

The Authority aims at achieving targets specifically delineated in the Second Roads Sector Investment Programme (2017-2021) which will be the basis for road investment prioritization and preparation of Annual Road Works Programmes; together with all relevant policy and legislative guidelines governing the roads sub-sector. The commitment of Management and Staff of the Authority is to ensure full implementation of these strategies in furtherance of KeRRA's mission.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Kenya Rural Roads Authority for their continued support and dedication. I would also wish to extend our gratitude to the Government of Kenya, our Parent Ministry, the National Treasury, Development Partners and related Road Agencies for their continued support.

Eng. Luka K. Kimeli

The Kenya Rural Roads Authority Board takes pride in fulfilling the mandate bestowed upon it by the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Roads, which is to develop, construct and maintain the rural road network in the country as per the Kenya Roads Act, 2007. The scope of the rural road network was revised via the Kenya Gazette Legislative Supplement No. 4 (Special Edition) of 22nd January 2016. Since the gazettement of the inaugural Board of Directors in April, 2008, successive Directors have overseen great progress in the development of the rural road network with the current contracted road works coverage being over 5,000km of roads under improvement to bitumen standard at a cost of over KShs. 200billion.

The Kenya Vision 2030 aims at making Kenya a newly industrialized country providing high quality of life for all its citizens within the next twenty years and beyond. Under the strategy period the economy is projected to grow at an annual rate of 10% per annum over 25 years. To realize this growth, an efficient road network is a key enabler towards the growth of the key sectors of the economy identified under the Kenya Vision 2030. Presently, the National Government has committed to construct 10,000km of roads countrywide under the Low Volume Seal Roads (LVSR) 10,000km Programme, whose implementation is underway. Consequently, a sustained effort continues unabated on the part of the Board and Management of the Authority to ensure the efficient attainment of these strategic goals.

The Board of Directors continues to actively oversight the activities aimed at increasing and sustaining the Authority’s achievements to meet the ever increasing road construction and maintenance needs. The Board remains committed to strengthening relationships with its stakeholders and key partners. Strong corporate governance continues to be integral to the Board’s long-term success and is essential in delivering the Authority’s strategy.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the Authority, I express my sincere gratitude to the Government of Kenya; Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development; related Road Agencies; taxpayers; and other stakeholders for their continued support. This goes a long way towards building a solid institution that is responsive to its mandate and stakeholders’ expectations. It is our undertaking as a Board that we shall endeavour to achieve stakeholder expectations and even surpass them where possible.

Thank you.


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