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RoseMrs Rose Wanjiru Githua is a Registered Physical Planner and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Lead Expert.

She was nominated as a Board Member by the Kenya Institute of Planners in which she is a Corporate Member, in accordance with the provisions of the Kenya Roads Act. In addition, she is a Corporate Member of the Architectural Association of Kenya (Town Planning Chapter) and the Association of Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit serving as a Lead Expert. She is also a Member of the Environment Institute of Kenya (EIK). In her employment record, she has worked in the following capacities: Consultant in physical (spatial) planning/EIA Lead Expert (R.G Plantech Consortium), Member of Kenya National Land Use Policy in the Urban Land Use, Environment and Informal Sector(Ministry of Lands and Settlement); Senior Assistant Director of Physical Planning (Kenya Government Ministry of Lands and Settlement¬¬); Senior Physical Planner/Provincial Physical Planner(Kenya Government Ministry of Lands and Settlement); and Physical Planner (Kenya Government Ministry of Lands and Settlement).

She has been trained on the following: Environmental Impact Assessment; Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning using Arc GIS and Arc view; Participatory Environmental Planning; Public Service Management Programme; Advanced International Training Programme in Stockholm Sweden; Management seminar for Administrative and Technical Officers; and Inter-Personal Management Development Skills for Senior Women Managers in the Public Sector.