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As indicated in the analysis of economic performance, the Country has had various challenges both internally as well as externally. Internally, the challenge has been renewal of economic growth which had slowed down drastically to 1.7 % in 2008. In the 1990s, creation of conducive environment for investment, stable macro-economic policies and good governance including restoration of security all over the Country were all priorities for restoration of economic growth.
In view of the above, the Government in year 2003 adopted the ERS which was anchored on four (4) pillars namely: -
Restoration of Economic Growth within the context of a stable macro-economic framework.Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Infrastructure.Equity and Poverty Reduction.Improving Governance.
During the ERS period (2003-2007), significance progress was made which resulted to a rapid economic growth. The intention of the Government is not only to accelerate this growth to an average of 10% per annum, but also to sustain it over the Vision 2030 MTP (2008-2012) period.
This Vision is based on three pillars namely Social, Economic and Political Pillars.

Infrastructure Goals under the MTP (2008-2012)
As mentioned in 3.1 above, the Government will aim at maintaining 10% growth rate per annum over the plan period (2008-2012). This will be achieved through investment in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and financial services.
The Vision of the infrastructure sector under the MTP period will be "to provide cost effective world-class infrastructure facilities and services in support of Vision 2030".
Apart from infrastructure being identified as a necessity in improving the living conditions of both farming and pastoralists' communities, it is also necessary for improving security. Infrastructure will also contribute significantly to the reduction of cost of doing business.
Vision 2030 has therefore identified a number of goals in infrastructure to be achieved through MTP by year 2030.

These include: -

The Government has put more emphasis on infrastructure development; a number of strategies will be employed to improve the available infrastructure facilities to maximize economic and social goals.
Some of the strategies to be pursued include: -